Frequently asked questions


e-Mal is a new financial hub for the huge underbanked population by capitalising the Blockchain Revolution to bridge the gaps between cash, digital and the global financial market. Our focus is on social inclusion of the unbanked and under-served within the financial and banking sectors. By creating a whole new peer to peer ecosystem, e-Mal aims to revolutionize the way individuals, small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs transact, make payments, borrow money and associated products like insurances, domestic and Cross-Border remittances, cards and other general banking products.
e-Mal Digital Wallet app will currently be available for download and use in the UAE only.
e-Mal Digital Wallet Application is your single point access to all financial services in the e-Mal financial ecosystem. Users have multiple top up and cash out options, hold fiat or multiple digital currencies, with a host of financial services like currency transfer, lending, bill payments, cards and other normal banking products in their wallets. The e-Mal Digital Wallet gives ultimate freedom to the user and truly bridges the old world to the new.
The money is held on e-Mal Digital Wallet Smart Contracts (using Blockchain). The e-Mal financial ecosystem is decentralised, 100% peer-to-peer, with no middleman ever holding, managing or touching your funds at any point in any transaction.
Since e-Mal is decentralised and peer-to-peer, we are using encryption algorithms to secure user information. e-Mal does not have any direct access to user funds & financial information without user keys. Only the user has access of their account transactions and fund controls.
e-Mal leverages modern blockchain technology that allows users to make financial transactions. We use Ethereum Smart Contracts, Hyperledger Fabric and Stellar Protocols to give e-Mal users the ability to make transactions local and globally in fiat and digital currencies.
All e-Mal users must comply to follow our KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure for account verification. Once it is completed, users will have been able to use the e-Mal Digital Wallet app, which will be recognized across all financial institutions and service providers that have integrated with e-Mal.
Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are a legal requirement to comply with Anti-Money Laundering Laws under different regions.
Reaching out for e-Mal support is even easier now. We are here to help, so don't hesitate to contact us via the e-Mal Digital Wallet app, online support on our website, email, or via phone. Chat with us on
Email us at [email protected]
Call us at +971 4 2660007


In order to create an account, we need to verify your mobile phone number. We do this via an SMS verification service. Usually, the confirmation code arrives within 30 seconds. However in some cases, your local telco may "throttle" the rate of messages they allow through their systems. When this happens, it may take up to several hours for the code to arrive.

Unfortunately, when this happens, all we can advise you to do is wait for the code to arrive. Please enter the code as soon as you receive it, for security reasons, there is a limited time frame after which the verifications codes will expire.

If you'd like to help us report these issues to our SMS provider, please send an email to [email protected] with the phone number you used to register and the time you initiated the SMS verification request.

We recommend waiting ~ 5 minutes. All transactions have to be verified by e-Mal Smart Contracts on Blockchain to avoid double spending. This can be also based on the transactional volume at the specific transaction time. If you continue to experience problems, please contact us at [email protected]
If you ever lose your phone, you can download the e-Mal Digital Wallet app on your new phone and use your login details to restore the funds of your lost phone into your new phone's e-Mal Digital Wallet app. If you continue to experience problems, please contact us at [email protected] and our team will further assist you.
If you've forgotten your current PIN, try to login again and follow the Forgot PIN link and set a new PIN by using your already verified email or mobile number. If you continue to experience problems, please contact us at [email protected]